Need control panel service?

Digi-Gage on the fritz? Did your HMI start acting strange? Think you have a bad component and need it troubleshot? EG Controls is able to help you. We stock many of the parts that have gone into our panels over the years. If the part is no longer made, we can find an appropriate cross over component.

Did an industrial machine stop working and the manufacturer is out of business? Are you having a problem with some random panel at your business and you’re not sure who made it? We can resolve those issues too.

Different problems call for different technical specialists. EG has multiple field professionals available with their areas of expertise.

  • Industrial Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Automation PLCs HMIs SCADA

Scheduled or emergency service is available. Call us at 904-292-0110 to get a field service technician on the way.