LSC and BSC Series Control Systems
Key Features
See all operating information graphically and digitally in full color touch screens.
Customize pump operations through intuitive touch screen entries.
Access critcal data on pump operating trends, alarm history, pump fail replacement, data logging and multiple
alternation strategies, which are available as standard features on touch screens.
Evaluate all operating functions quickly and easily using a unique System Test Screen.
View all system parameters, including:  alarm setpoints, timers, transmitter ranging and more through password
protected touch screens.
LSC Touch Screen
Lift Station Constant Speed Control System (LSC-C)
Available for pump down applications in two models:
          Duplex-model 200
          Triplex-model 300

Lift Station Variable Speed Control System (LSC-V)
Available for pump down applications in two models:
         Duplex-model 200
         Triplex-model 300
Booster Station Variable Pressure & Tank Control System (BSC-V-T)
Available for pump up applications in two models:
         Duplex-model 200 
         Triplex-model 300
Download specifications for:
LSC-C  (Lift Station Constant Speed Control System)
LSC-V  (Lift Station Variable Speed Control System)
BSC-V-T  (Booster Station Variable Pressure & Tank Control System)

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