SlimView Float Control System

   The simplicity of float control 
combined with advanced solid state technology!

Key Features
  • Provides Start and Stop for up to two pumps based on floats (3 floats required)

  • Allows user to select either Pump 1 or 2 as the Lead Pump and set up regular system

  • Provides the following alarms, along with an Alarm Beacon and Horn:
          High Level Alarm (requires one float)
          Fail to Start (for both pumps)
          Seal Failure (for both pumps)
          Overtemperature (for both pumps)          
          Float Sequence Alarm                   

  • Includes the following indicators:
         RUN for both pumps
         STOPPED for both pumps
         Alternation ON or OFF
         Lead Pump              

  • Manages float sequencing problems by showing the specific float on the alarm page and shifting control to the next higher float

  • Provides an Analog Display for one Analog Input (0-100%)

  • Offers High Level Alarm Dry Contact Output for Customer Use

  • Includes a second pump delay start on power restoration

For more information on the SlimView float product line, click on these links to download any of the following:

SlimView Float Product Overview

SlimView Float Technical Data Sheet

SlimView Float Specifications            

Standard design means better pricing
and faster turnaround time.

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