Electrogage Control Systems.

               Key Features                     

  • Low cost and highly effective
  • No mechanical moving parts, eliminating conventional sources of drift
  • Guarantees accuracy better than /- .5%
  • Able to withstand the harsh conditions of the municipal lift station environment
      Electrogage Control System  
    Designed to Meet Customer Requirements

Electrogage Duplex Control Panel with Bubble    Air Monitoring System and Dual Air Compressors    
Single Phase  
             Electrogage Duplex with Manual Transfer with BAMS               

Electrogage Brochure 

Electrogage Technical Data Sheet  

Electrogage Specifications in pdf format   

For additional information about the Electrogage, 
ownload Technical Data Sheets for
the Logic Chassis  
Air Compressor used in all Electrogage Control Systems.    

Bubbler Air Monitoring System
    BAMS Technical Data Sheet
   For added reliability, you may wish to consider adding 
   the Bubbler Air Monitoring System (BAMS), which is  
   designed to alternate and monitor two air compressors
providing continuous system air flow.
Exterior and Interior Views

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