Digi-Gage & Vari-Gage Control Systems

Formerly marketed as the MicroMac & VariMac Product Line

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 Technical Data Sheets:
DG 2300 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
DG 2400 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

DG 2600 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

VG 3300 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
Digi-Gage Specifications (PDF)
Vari-Gage Specifications (PDF)
Factory Setting Forms for current
Digi-Gage or Vari-Gage Users:

Digi-Gage 2300
Gage 2400
Digi-Gage 2600
Vari-Gage 3300

Digi-Gage/Vari-Gage Brochure

The Digi-Gage & Vari-Gage are compact programmable solid state controllers designed for water & wastewater applications.

  Digi-Gage 2300 for up to 3 pumps

  Digi-Gage 2400 for up to 4 pumps

  Digi-Gage 2600 for up to 6 pumps 

Vari-Gage 3300 for up to
3 pumps using VFDs

                            Exterior View
  • Programs in four easy steps
  • Offers manual simulation for easy testing
  • Provides a gateway for implementing a SCADA system
  • Includes standard digital output meeting all industry standards
  • Digi-Gage & Vari-Gage models accept pressure, voltage or current input

Triplex Vari-Gage VFD Control System  

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