Bubbler Air Monitoring Systems

Bubbler Air Monitoring System (BAMS)



Bubbler Air Monitoring Systems

Product Overview

The Bubbler Air Monitoring System (BAMS) is a solid-state controller with self-test capability used for monitoring and alternating two air supplies to provide continuous system airflow. Status and alarm indicators are provided for each air supply and flow switch. Airflow is continuously monitored and displayed. All adjustments, electrical and pneumatic connections are made on the front panel.

The following control switches and status indicators are provided on the front panel:

  • Air Supply Run (Green LED) – on steady when air supply terminals are powered
  • Air Supply Fail (Yellow LED) – on flashing when no airflow is detected
  • Air Flow (Green LED) – on steady when airflow is detected
  • No Air Flow (Red LED) – on steady when no airflow is detected
  • Flow Switch (Red LED) – on steady when the internal
  • Failed differential pressure switch fails to respond to changes in system airflow
  • Alternate Push Button Force air supply alternation
  • Reset / Test Push Button Push to reset alarm or initiate system self test sequence
  • Manual / Automatic Mode Selector (Four Position Dip Switch)
  • Dip Switch No. 1 selects air supply no.1 to run continuously when in the right position.
  • Dip Switch No. 2 selects air supply no.2 to run continuously when in the right position.
  • Note: Automatic alternation will occur when dip switch nos.1 and 2 are in the same position.
  • Dip Switch No. 3 selects automatic alternation time, unbalanced (left), balanced (right). Unbalanced alternation time calls for air supply no.1 to run for four hours and air supply no. 2 to run for one hour. Balanced alternation time calls for each air supply to run for four hours when called to run. A flowmeter is provided for visual indication of the monitored system airflow.

The Bubbler Air Monitoring System provides three form A dry contacts for remote monitoring:

  • Air Supply Warning – closes to indicate that one air supply has failed
  • Air Supply Failed – closes to indicate that both air supplies have failed
  • Flow Switch Failed – closes to indicate that the flow switch failed to open or close when required
Wiring typical for BAMS

Typical wiring for a BAMS unit

pneumatics for BAMS

Typical pneumatics for a BAMS unit

Technical Specifications

  • Input Power: 115 VAC, 1 Phase, 2 Wire, 2 Amps
  • Burden (VA): 230 VA (when recommended air supplies are used)
  • Pneumatic Input: 15 PSI Max.
  • Environmental Rating: NEMA-1 Enclosure
  • Dimensions: 5.25” H x 8.375” W x 3.125” D
  • Controls: Alternate pushbutton, Reset / Test pushbutton, Manual-Automatic mode selector, dip switch
  • Status Indicators: Air Flow Meter, 0-6 SCFH (non-adjustable), Run, Green LED (2), Failed, Yellow LED (2), Air Flow, Green LED, No Air Flow, Red LED, Flow Switch Failed, Red LED
  • Load Output Contacts: (2) 115VAC, 3Amps – Air Supply No.1, Air Supply No. 2
  • Alarm Output Contacts: (3) 115VAC, 10Amps – Air Supply Warning (N.O.), Air Supply Failed (N.O.), Flow Switch Failed (N.O.)