Logic Chassis

Logic Chassis Duplex Logic Control System

Logic Chassis Duplex Logic Control System

Logic Chassis


Duplex Logic Control System

Product Overview

The duplex Logic Control System is an anodized aluminum sub-assembly with a logic panel. The system consists of a logic chassis mounted on the back panel connected by a multi-conductor cable to a logic panel mounted on the inner door.

The purpose of the Logic Control System is to incorporate all relay logic functions into one integrated unit. With no mechanical, moving parts, the Logic Control System adds to the reliability of any control panel. It is exclusively available from EG Controls.

Product Functions

The Logic Panel includes the following:

  • Hand-Off-Automatic (HOA) Switches (2)
  • Run Pilot Lights (2)
  • 24V Power ON Pilot Light
  • Start Lag Pump Light
  • Alarm Silence Pushbutton
  • Level Alarm Light
  • Reset Pushbutton (Optional)
  • Elapse Time Meters (Optional)
  • Space for Additional Controls (Optional)

Note:  Unit can be modified, upon request, to include Seal Leak, Over temperature Indicator Lights and Time Delay for Lag Pump.

The Logic Chassis includes the following:

  • Duplex Alternator
  • Lead Pump Selector Switch
  • Control Relay with Status Light (5)
  • Duplex Convenience Receptacle (Side Mounted)
  • Simplex Convenience Receptacle (Front Mounted)
  • Pump Monitor Status Light
  • Control, Monitoring and Alarm Output Terminals, 20 pt
  • 120VAC Circuit Breaker
  • 120VAC Power ON-OFF Switch
  • 120VAC Incoming Power Terminals, 3 pt
  • Class II Transformer
  • Lag Pump Time Delay (Optional)